Danielle Guizio founded her New York City based eponymous label in 2014. With a strong 'It-Girl' and cult following for her statement graphic tees, the collection has since evolved to signature sets, staple outerwear and exclusive cut & sew pieces.

Heavily influenced by the structural designs of 80s and 90s vintage sportswear, the brand reimagines womenswear classics while maintaining a distinct, modern aesthetic. Emblazoned with bold logo graphics and adorned with rhinestone embellishments, staple pieces such as hoodies and sweatpants are elevated by deconstructing traditional fits. Bold pops of color, velour, satin and tech fabrics are featured in Guizio’s signature tracksuits, sportswear and tailored pieces. 

The brand is an ode to the designer's personal style, while embodying the brands' youth culture-inspired, nostalgic roots, embracing both casual comfortability and modern downtown New York aesthetic.